Jacksonville Thanksgiving Recap

We are Home!!! Back from a great Thanksgiving in Jacksonville where food and family was the focus for the week. We actually had time to spend a whole day in St. Augustine this trip and we spent most of it doing what we like best- eating and drinking.

We began our day with lunch at Opus 39. This restaurant specializes in tasting menus mostly but has quite a reasonable lunch menu. We began with an order of their Potato Spirals.

These are basically super crispy potato chips with some fresh Parmigianna Regianno cheese and luscious truffle oil drizzled on top. They gave us huge portion that was perfect for three people to share.

Since a big focus of this place is their wine I started off with an excellent glass of Chardonnay from Sonoma County.

For my main I ordered the Grilled Shrimp, basil pesto, roasted pepper and goat cheese salad.

This was absolutely delightful! They spread the goat cheese and basil pesto on top of some grilled flatbread that was a perfect side to the enormous shrimp and roasted red pepper salad.

Everyone really enjoyed their lunch an we head out to see the sights and check out some of the local watering holes.

Our first stop was to the Tiny Martini bar for a drink on the water. Next we headed to a local dive bar St. George's, to listen to some tunes on the jukebox an play some arcade bowling. A quick stop at the VFW and then over to JP Henleys where we tried an Espresso stout from Terrapin Brewery.

I had never heard of this brewery but it apparently out of Georgia. This was a fantastic espresso stout. I've never had a beer that tasted so rich and smooth like an espresso before.

Our last stop before dinner was Ann O'Malley's. This is actually a Bill's bar in St. Augustine! Who knew! They had Bills and Sabres flags adorning the bar and a great sign inside the ladies room.

Too funny! After that it was onto dinner at The Tasting Room. Unfortunately at this point I was not in the best picture taking shape but the food and service were exceptional! The owner helped us choose some excellent wines and we truly felt treated like royalty. I had a perfectly cooked skirt steak that was covered in a sweet marmalade sauce and a side of Basque fries. Everything was absolutely amazing and we ended up having about three different bottles of wine over the course of our meal. Our last wine, ending with a fantastic bottle of Castillo Ygay Reserva that was just wonderful.

After that we were officially done. We headed home and got ready for the rest of the holiday week. It was a great day and the rest of the vacation was wonderful as well. Now we are home and exhausted but it was worth. Hope everyone else had a great holiday!