BBQ Fried Chicken

If you live in New York you know that fried chicken is all the rage right now. I've had my fair share from the classic style at The Redhead, the Asian style at Blue Ribbon Grill to the wonderful platter of greasiness that is Forte Baden Baden.

But where to go take out some fast food style fried chicken that isn't KFC or Popeye's? BBQ on St. Mark's Place.

Obviously the first thing you notice looking at this chicken is that it's not BBQ. That actually stand for "Best of the Best Quality Chicken". It totally threw me off at first too! However there is nothing to joke about when it comes down to the delicious taste of this chicken.

This chicken is fried in olive oil which gives it a completely different flavor than any I have ever tried before. The skin has tons of awesome crispy edges but without the greasy fingertip feel at the end. It's incredibly moist inside and comes filled with huge chunks of white meat chicken. It's actually a Koren place but I found it's overall flavor to be much different than that of Baden Baden's.

This is a great stop after some beer drinking in the East Village. The place is clean, the price is right and they give you a ton of chicken. If you haven't tried olive oil fried chicken I suggest you check it out.


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