Zum Schneider

I know I've talked about going to Zum Schneider a lot in previous posts but I've never actually taken any pictures of the food! Well finally I have!

With Oktoberfest being over Mr Trekker & I decided that we would have no trouble getting a table at Zum Schneider last Saturday night so we took our time. We walked around the East Village a little, did some shopping and even stopped into Nolita House for a quick drink.

Finally around 7:00 we decided to head over. Walking up to the place we could already see a crowd of people standing outside. We could not believe how packed it was! Luckily most of the people waiting were larger parties and we were able to snag the last table for two outside. I prefer the inside and the ruckus and commotion that comes with it much better, but we were starving so we took what we could get.

Zum Schneider is your typical beer garden with a ton of great German beers that come in 3 sizes small, regular and large. Of course being that we love beer we always go for the large! I ordered one of my favorite beers of all time the Hacker Pschorr Dunkel.

It was a cool fall night and this beer was perfect. Dark and creamy with a nice frothy head. Mr. T decided to go for the Spatan Optimator which is the same dark color as my beer but a little sweeter and stronger. A big one of those and I would be "feeling no pain", as my mother would say!

The waitress came over and told us the specials. We always order the same thing every time we come here but tonight the waitress really talked up a pork special they were having. Mr T decided to forgo the usual sausage platter and try it out.

I on the other hand ordered the same thing I always do. The house salad and a brat.

Zum Schneider has my favorite salad in the city. It is always super fresh and comes with a lemon, honey dressing that is delicious!!

My brat was pretty good as well but I honestly didn't even have more than 2 bites of it.

Why you may ask? Because of this:

The pork special!!! Holy Cow this was so freakin good!!!! First of all, the piece of meat was bigger than my head! The outside skin was cooked perfectly crispy and the meat inside was so moist it just fell apart as you cut into the shank.

It was so big I just had to help Mr. T eat it! Yum!!! If you ever see this listed as a special-go for it! I wish they would make it a regular item.

Unfortunately, as the weather gets colder the outdoor seats will be gone and it will be even tougher to snag a table here. So if you're gonna go- be prepared to wait amid the ruckus!