Miso Muffin- Huh??

Stopped into City bakery the other morning on my way back from shopping. This place is really close to my apartment but I never seem to swing by and pick up their delicious pastries.

As I was browsing the baked good I ran across a Miso Garden muffin. This sounded interesting so i decided to pick one up. I also grabbed an Ice Coffee and headed home with my goods. Here's a close up of the muffin:

The top of this muffin was excellent- nice and crusty on the edges but also chewy. Perfect texture.

The inside of the muffin had nice texture as well. Unfortunately I did not like the taste. The miso flavor was very light and the rest almost tasted a little bit like carrot but it just didn't go together for me.

Luckily Mr. T seemed to like it so- to each their own I guess.

The one thing I do have to say is their Iced Coffee was fantastic. Not too bitter, nice and smooth. I will definitely be going back for another one of these. Next time I think I'll try their Blueberry Corn muffin- that looked goood!