Patisserie Chanson

I love Sunday mornings at Patisserie Chanson.  This beautiful French bakery makes my favorite baked goods in the city, from their flaky Raspberry Croissants and Black Sesame Kougins to the creamy Eclairs and Chocolate Mille Feuilles.

My current obsession is their seasonal Yuzu Bomboloni.  It's impossibly fluffy and light on the outside, rolled in sugar, then stuffed with a bright, citrusy yuzu cream that's so refreshing, I actually feel transported to a beautiful yuzu tree filled island.  

Of course I'm actually just sitting across from Eataly, two blocks from my tiny apartment, but it's good to have island daydreams once in a while. 

Patisserie Chanson
20 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010