Fancy Food Show 2019

The Fancy Food Show returned to New York City this past weekend taking over the entire Jacob Javits Center.  This annual event is the largest food show in North America, showcasing over 80,000 specialty food and beverages.

Since a full day of sampling requires some serious energy I always begin my day in the coffee section. 

This year spirit infused coffee shared the spotlight with the usual vanilla and caramel blends.  Jack Daniels used their classic Tennessee Whiskey while Don Pablo soaked their beans in Kentucky Bourbon.

The cheese section was also one of my very first stops at the show.  It encompasses about 35% of the entire event so one could basically just eat cheese for three days straight if so inclined.

I was incredibly excited to see Four Fat Foul from Hudson Valley with their flagship St. Stephen on display.  This triple cream cheese is one of my go-to party gifts for it's rich, buttery texture and nutty delicious flavor. 

Point Reyes Blue is another favorite for putting on salads and sandwiches or just leaving out as a towering waterfall of blue cheese.

Pretty packaging also seemed to be a big theme at this years show, like La Sala's delicious white, red and rose sangria encased in colorful mosaic tiled bottles... 

 ......and Adamas exclusive Italian caviar housed inside pink, blue and yellow color coded tins. 

I'm always on the lookout for new maple syrup and Runamok never disappoints in that category.  They have everything from the classic bourbon barrel aged maple syrup to fruit infusions of elderberry, hibiscus and smoked peach.

Vinitaly was on hand in the Italian section pouring an array of Franciacorta, Italy's youngest and finest sparkling wines.  Although Prosecco has consumed the marketplace of Italian sparklers over the past few years, Franciacorta is much more elegant, with tighter bubbles and a creamy texture akin to Champagne using Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc grapes. 

Of course tasting through all of these wonderful wines called for some delicious Italian eats of panzerotti from local Panzerotti Bites in Brooklyn. 

Another perfect pairing was over in the Spain section where deviled eggs stuffed with white tuna and capers were being paired with Txakolina.

These classic Basque wines are known for their low alcohol, high acid flavors that result in a refreshing, effervescent wine perfect for drinking on the beach. 

One final trend at the show was an abundance of health drinks; not just focused on vitamins and CBD  (although there were quite a lot of those) but on collagen, an animal derived protein believed to aid in the protection of skin, hair, muscles and joints. I picked up a bunch to try at home.  We'll see if this works for me :)

It was an incredible show once again filled with meeting some of the most passionate, inventive people in the industry.  Until next year!

Javits Center
655 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001