Spicy Village

There's not much to see on sleepy Forsyth Street in the Lower East Side.  In fact, one might pass by this tiny, florescent lit Chinese spot if it weren't for the crowds of people standing outside, looking hungry and often carrying a six pack of beer from the nearby bodega. These people are all waiting for the same thing, a tiny table inside to sit down and devour some Spicy Big Tray Chicken. 

This dish is exactly as it sounds; big chunks of chicken doused in spicy chili oil sauce loaded with cumin and peppercorn, usually served with fresh cilantro on top and a suggested order of hand pulled noodles. This chicken has the perfect amount of heat, just enough to leave some lingering flavor on your tongue but not enough to start sweating.  The noodles also add a cooling element to the dish as do the BYOB beers you hopefully brought along for the meal. 

There are other items on the menu worth trying out like the crispy pancakes stuffed with pork and the Scallion Sauce dumplings.  But the main draw here is that delicious chicken dish which is more than enough food for two people to share.  Spicy Village is cash only, so hit up the ATM for an Andrew Jackson or two (you won’t need more than that) and enjoy! 

Spicy Village
68 Forsyeth Street B
New York, NY 10002