La Barra at Little Spain

The new Hudson Yards opening has completely changed my quality of life at work.  What was once a desolate wasteland of crappy bodegas and a lone Subway sandwich shop, has now exploded into an actual food and drink destination.  Restaurants by world renown chefs Thomas Keller, David Chang and Michael Lomonaco dot the upper floors of the mall while the incredible Chef Jose Andres took over the basement with Mercado Little Spain. 

I've heard this space being referred to as the Spanish Eataly as guests can eat, drink and shop as they peruse the different market stalls. However the focus here is much more on the prepared foods than bringing separate ingredients home to cook on one's own.  

I was solo on my first visit so I focused on the tapas bar La Barra, where I could sit and order food and drink without moving around from kiosk to kiosk.  My glass of Spanish Rose was absolutely delicious but at $17 a glass the meager pour I received was disappointing to say the least.

Things improved greatly with the Aceituna.  These famous liquid olives from Barcelona bar Tickets were everything I had imagined; beautiful green orbs just bursting with briny, acidic delight.

Croquetas de Jamon Iberico came next served five per order.   Salty and crisp on the outside with a deep creamy umami interior that was much more rich than any croquette I've experienced before. I was worried at first that they were too rich, but I demolished all five before that thought even had time to develop further so I think they were okay :)

I wanted to order one more dish but the bill was already heading over $40 which is quite expensive for a casual drink and some snacks. Even though this may feel like the streets of Spain this is still the pricey concrete jungle of Midtown Manhattan. 

La Barra currently opens at 5:00 PM every day with lunch hours coming soon. 

La Barra
10 Hudson Yards
Mercado Little Spain
New York, NY 10001