Slow Wine at Eataly Downtown

Slow Wine stopped into downtown Eataly once again this year to showcase wines from their 2018 Wine Guide.  

This guide focuses on winemakers who strive to work with respect for the environment, protecting the wine regions biodiversity using sustainable techniques.

On hand were some incredible Italian wines like this surprisingly fresh, fruity Dolcetto from Marziano Abbona that burst with flavors of strawberry and cherry.

The wonderful 2010 Barolo's from Casa E. di Mirafiore full of plum, black berry and tobacco with a relaxed rich finish.

And a stunning 2012 Barolo Riserva from the Franco Conterno family.

In addition to these fabulous Italian wines Slow Wine included California producers for the very first time including Littorai Winery. This small, family run vineyard showcased some of my favorite wines of the day including the 2015 Wendling Vineyard Pinot Noir and 2013 B.A. Theiriot Vineyard Chardonnay that had the perfect balance of creamy elegance and acidity. 

Always an incredible event with wonderful winemakers and fantastic Italian food.   Check out the 2018 Wine Guide here.

Slow Wine 2018