A Little D.C.Dining

The last two months of my life has been absolutely insane.  So insane that I never even got around to talking about my quick trip to D.C. where we ordered just about everything on the brunch menu at Kyirisan.  To begin their amazing pastry platter.

Doughnuts Holes glazed with red miso, strawberry and Bavarian creme alongside flaky croissants, buttery biscuits and two wondrous pastry delights; the Molly's Pocket, a chocolate and coconut caramel glazed square stuffed with cream cheese and the Vanilla Custard Bao; a delightful spin on that doughy dim sum staple topped with a crackly creme brulee glaze and stuffed with creamy vanilla bean custard. 

Continuing on with the sweet portion of the meal with a stack of thick, fluffy Blueberry Pancakes topped with a huge square of Yuzu Butter...

...before moving into more savory dishes like this towering Panko Crusted Chicken Sandwich with cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles and avocado all topped with a truffle aioli on a brioche bun.

Of course my favorite dish was the Kyirisan Creme Fraiche Wings; a stack of burnt orange chicken wings made with oyster sauce and fermented chili paste.  These were spicy yet smooth with a long lasting umami flavor.  No wonder these show up on both the dinner and brunch menu.

Kyirisan was such a fantastic spot I honestly wanted to return the very next day and do it all over again from the start!  I am seriously hoping they decide to come to branch out with a NYC outpost:)

1924 8th Street
Washington D.C.20001