StarChefs Congress- Day I

StarChefs kicked off it's 12th Annual Congress Sunday at the Brooklyn Expo Center with a star studded line up of chef's slinging some incredible eats.  My first bite of the day was from local boy Chef Jeff McInnis of Root & Bone in the East Village with a decadent Pork Belly Biscuit drizzled with Nespresso Whiskey Maple Syrup.

The theme for the Congress this year was "Cook Your Culture" encouraging chefs to cook using the flavors and techniques that define them as individuals.  This could be seen in every facet of the conference from the giant Roasted Skull Island Prawns with Calabrian chiles... the toothsome udon noodles and fried garlic in the Pork Belly Ramen from Chef Jeffrey Hansell of Ox lot 9 in New Orleans.  These Chefs were all cooking straight from the heart.

American Food Carts was the theme for Sunday's Eat@ICC and what's more American than the hot dog.

Chef Greg Laketek brought the Chicago heat with a classic Chicago Style Dog layered with tomato, lettuce and mustard from his store West Loop Salumi...

...while Pickled Oysters made a splash with fried egg mayo and old bay pork rinds from Jerome Grant at Sweet Home Cafe in Washington, DC.

My favorite bite of the day was a tie between the amazing Black and White Cookie with black caviar and sour cream potato bread from Jon Nodler of the High Street Hospitality Group...

...and the ridiculously delicious Bicol Express from Chef Isa Fabro. In an afternoon full of too much food  I still managed to eat two bowls of this incredible Filopino Stew.

Chef Brett Sawyer was on hand from Plum Cafe & Kitchen in Cleveland dishing out Whole BBQ Fish and Fried Masa Pie while Antoinette Bruno and Will Blunt welcomed everyone to the Congress on the Main Stage with a review of all that was hot in food this past year from koji cures and food halls to poke, fried chicken and kimchi.

Then is was time for Chef Jose Andres to take the stage straight from his relief efforts in Puerto Rico.  He was greeted with a long standing ovation from the food community from beginning to end and he truly provided the inspiration for the entire Congress. 

StarChefs 2017
Brooklyn Expo Center
72 Noble Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222