New Brew Friday- Alvarado Street Contains No Juice

It's Friday and time to crack open a delicious beer and celebrate all things sunny and bright.  I'm headed to my first Yankee game of the year tonight and that calls for some serious tailgating at home since all most of the beers at Yankee Stadium are absolute garbage (Citified is crushing the Yankees in concessions again this year). 

This Double India Pale Ale from Alvarado Street Brewery in California pours a thick, hazy orange with a big fluffy white head and strong aromas of orange zest, pine, peach and mango.  It's called Contains No Juice for a reason; this thing was like drinking straight OJ with super juicy orange, papaya and mango flavors but with a hoppy, bitter end that was very much West Coast IPA style. The glass is actually from local brewery Plan Bee so no proper glassware today but I thought it looked excellent with the bright orange color :)  Cheers to Friday and let's go Yanks!!

Alvarado Street Brewery
426 Alvarado Street
Monterey, CA 93940