Bar Goto

It's official- Bar Goto is my favorite cocktail bar in New York City.  I've been coming here for the past two years and each visit I'm still amazed with their incredible Miso Wings tossed with toasted black sesame seeds and scallions.  These are executed to perfection with a crispy exterior and the perfect balance of sweetness and heat. 

Of course most people enjoy a fantastic chicken wing but when was the last time celery ever had some wow factor??

Fresh stalks are drizzled with sesame oil then dusted with red shiso, white sesame seeds and salted komba creating a crunchy, nutty side dish that will make you see this tepid vegetable in a totally new light.  

The cocktail program has always been excellent at Bar Goto but the two newest menu additions may be my favorite yet.  The tart and sour Jasmine-Apricot 75 made with champagne and gin... 

...and the insanely delicious Matcha Sesame Punch that's both creamy and cool; an absolute must for matcha lovers like me and Mr. T.  Add in the sleek, tiny space that feels like its tucked away in Tokyo far from the streets of the LES and that sums up my absolute love for this incredible little bar.

Bar Goto
245 Eldridge Street at East Houston
New York, NY 10002 


Unknown said…
I am totally obsessed with that celery!! Bon Appetite published the recipe and i frequently make myself a pile of it, silly how something so simple really creates a cravable celery dish. I'm overdue to revisit for cocktails there and need to fix that!
Roze said…
We almost didn't order since my SO hates celery but even he found it incredible. Must try making at home asap.