Brunch at Two Door Tavern

The morning before my friends hopped back on a plane home we needed some serious brunch.  I wanted to show them a little bit of Williamsburg so  I decided upon Two Door Tavern for three reasons:

Reason #1-  The menu is straightforward.  There's eggs & bacon, pancakes, omelets, things most normal people want to eat in the morning.  You'd be surprised how many places in this city have a Soft Shell Crab sandwich on the brunch menu but look at you crazy when there's an inquiry of French Toast. 

Reason #2- A free drink with each entree- HELL YES.

Coffee was supposed to come along with our free drink but our waitress decided to take a looooooong break before bringing those.  Not exactly the best idea when dealing with a crowd of tired, hungover patrons but luckily this is where my final reason comes into play.

Reason #3-  It's only three blocks from Skinny Dennis and their amazing Willy's Frozen Coffee drink.  

This is basically an iced coffee slushie spiked with whiskey then topped with shavings of dark chocolate.  ELIXIR OF THE GODS!  Seriously.  Plus they give out free peanuts.  Which makes it quite possibly the best bar ever in my book.

Skinny Dennis
152 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 

Two Door Tavern
116 North 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249