Brunch at Delaware and Hudson

Saturday brunch in Williamsburg...four words that send a shiver down Mr. T's spine so big it could shatter his back.  But he should have more faith; this brunch was different.  Chill banjo music on the overhead, warm cinnamon doughnuts to share and a rich frothy Coffee Egg Cream to kick off the meal.

Take a look at this gorgeous beverage; just perfect for pairing with the House-Cured Corn Beef Hash with two poached eggs...

...and the hearty "Moose" sandwich served with crispy Saratoga chips and pickles.

There was nothing light about this dish.  This was a fierce "let me take that hangover and stomp it into the ground like...well like a moose" kind of sandwich.  Stuffed with bacon, eggs, mushrooms, cheese and a spicy special sauce; serious comfort food.

 All this great food, drink and with no reservation!  We walked in at 12:45, got a table and were walking out stuffed and ready for the day before 2:00.  This is a brunch I can get behind.

135 North 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Brooklyn, NY 11231