The Chicken Shack at Shake Shack

Fried Chicken = always good.  Shake Shack = always good.  Fried Chicken Shake Shack could this possibly be a bad.

The newest item to hit the Shack Shake menu includes a white meat chicken breast with thick sliced pickles, shredded lettuce and buttermilk herb mayo on a butter toasted bun.

The chicken is seasoned with lots of black pepper and served super crisp.  I really liked the crunchy outer coating and the meat was incredibly tender.  However as I sat there eating I started to think about all of the other things I love about Shake Shack.  Those plump tomatoes, melted cheese and that awesome Shack Sauce...maybe even some crispy bacon.  Could I possibly customize my own Chicken Club Shack sandwich?

Stay Tuned...

Shake Shack
Brooklyn Locations only for a limited time


Pitted Pruner said…
That sandwich looks great and I'm sure tastes even better. Please, keep us posted on the status of the Chicken Club!!
Roze said…
For Sure! Fingers crossed they don't run out again until I get back to Brooklyn on Friday Pruner!!