Brunch at Sarabeth's

Mr. T's sister and her husband were going out of town the same weekend my parents were coming in. They offered their apartment to my parents for the weekend and my father couldn't have been happier. He's always loved the Upper West Side and it's more "refined" atmosphere.

So Saturday morning I woke up and took the long trek from my apartment to meet my parents for brunch at Sarabeth's. As I walked up Amsterdam Avenue I could already see a crowd of people waiting on the sidewalk out front a block away. Luckily my parents had arrived and put their name down 20 minutes before. When I showed up it was only about a 5 minute wait till our table was ready.

I was just going to get a coffee to drink, but it being Saturday brunch and all, I asked for a mimosa. Instead of orange juice though I got it with their special flower juice. This is a blend of orange, fresh pineapple, banana and pomegranate juice. The juice was very good but thick. They give you a small bottle of champagne and the fruit juice separately which was great so I could control my own juice to liquor ratio!

Everything on the menu looked so good but I decided to go for the Popeye Eggs.

This was scrambled eggs on English Muffins with black forest ham and sauteed spinach. The eggs were the best I have ever had. They didn't feel really fluffy when I cut into them but the taste was extremely light and buttery. The English Muffins were about twice as thick as your normal store bought ones. This dish could have easily fed two people and then some.

The only thing on the plate I didn't like were the pickled tomatoes it came with on the side. Besides that everything else was stellar.

My father decided to go for the pancakes.

Wow..the pancakes were huge, soft rounds of goodness. The bananas seemed like they were caramelized a little which really brought out the sweetness and the pure maple syrup just sealed the deal.

I would go back to Sarabeth's for brunch in a heartbeat, even if I had to wait an hour.


Anonymous said…
Sarabeth's has the best scone ever! Check it out!