Restaurant Week at Temple Court

Hidden on the edge of the Financial District sits Temple Court; Tom Colicchio's lesser known restaurant inside the stunning Beekman Hotel.  This sleek little spot specializes in classic American food using the freshest possible ingredients in season.   I wanted to order just about everything on the RW Menu.  There was creamy Burrata with heirloom squash and pesto, Mussels steamed with saffron and Gnudi with shaved Brussels sprout, Granny Smith apples and sage.

To be quite honest, if a dish mentions both sage and brown butter, I'm almost always going to order it and these little pockets of cheesy potato Gnudi were the perfect vessel for that explosive flavor combination.   

Onto entrees a beautiful Skate Meuniere dressed with lemon, capers and a trio of roasted cauliflower.  Both dishes showing classic preparation of protein and winter produce executed to perfection.

Restaurant Week which ends in a few days, so make those lunch/dinner plans now before time runs out.

Temple Court
5 Beekman Street
New York, NY 10038