Paris- Harry's New York Bar & Willi's Wine Bar

After our wonderful wine excursions in Bordeaux we hopped on a train to Paris for the final leg of our European vacation.  Mr. T and I have been Paris quite few times now and the energy is so similar to NYC it always feels a bit like coming home. 

We got in late afternoon and leisurely walked around the bustling St. Germain and Ile de la Cite before landing on the quiet island of Ile Saint- Louis.  This is the perfect spot to relax at one of the many outdoor cafes with a bottle of wine and a view of the beautiful Seine River.

After that we made our way through the Louvre and Arc de Triomphe and over to Harry's New York Bar.

This kitchy spot is said to be the birthplace of cocktails such as the French 75, Sidecar and Monkey Gland. 

So of course a round of drinks including all three was absolutely necessary for the sake of history.

Harry's is covered in old college pennants and somehow we found ourselves right below our alma mater St. Bonaventure; which is such a tiny school I would never expect to see it on the walls of a bar in Paris.   

Then it was off to Willi's Wine Bar for dinner; a spot known for small plates and an incredible wine list.  This time we moved away from Bordeaux and delved into some beautiful red wine from Burgundy and Chateauneuf de Pape.

For dinner another round of Grilled Shrimp with salsa verde and a Fregola Risotto for me.

And of course another Grilled Duck Breast for Mr. T which would actually be his very last grilled duck of the trip.  But no worries, the madness of Duck Confit would soon be taking its place tomorrow.

The best part of the meal in my opinion was actually dessert.  My Praline Croquant with caramelized hazelnuts and almonds was exceptional.  There was a great contrast of salty and sweet with a satisfying crunch at the finish.

And Mr. T's Fraises de France touted some of the freshest strawberries I've ever seen, laced with a rich, fluffy creme a la vanille and sable speculons; simply divine.

After dinner we headed back to our place for some digestif on the patio overlooking the Eiffel Tower.  We had only one full day left in Paris and Mr. T and I  still had a LOT on our list to accomplish.  

Harry's New York Bar Paris
5 Rue Daunou
75002 Paris, France

Willis Wine Bar
13 Rue des Petites Champs
75001 Paris, France