Brunch at Chez Ma Tante

Pancakes have never really been something I seek out in restaurants.  I see them mostly as a vessel for maple syrup and butter (two of my favorite condiments) rather than a crave worthy brunch dish. However after just one bite of the pancakes at Chez Ma Tante last weekend, my mind has been changed forever. 

These beauties arrived piping hot with a spongy, fluffy interior and a crisp, almost brunt exterior that left the edges of each cake crunchy and almost caramelized.  On top a heavy dose of pure Vermont Maple Syrup and a pat of rich, creamy Normandy butter.  These pancakes were perfect; soft enough for soaking up all that wonderful syrup but crisp enough to give each bite a satisfying crunch.  

In addition to the incredible pancakes Chez Ma Tante has some fantastic brunch cocktails beyond the usual Bloody Mary or Mimosa.  Mr. T ordered a refreshing John Daly (iced tea, lemonade & beer) while I sipped on the Pick Me Up Negroni with espresso.

There never seem to be tables available online but they hold a decent amount for walk ins and there's dining at the bar as well.  I would honestly like every Saturday morning to start this way :)

Chez Ma Tante
90 Calyer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222