One Last Time at Temple Bar

2016 saw the closing of two of my favorite cocktail bars of all time; the incredible Russian vodka room Pravda and the formidable Campbell Apartments in Grand Central Terminal.  Unfortunately as 2017 comes to an end another great spot will be closing its doors, the fantastic Temple Bar.

My first visit to this fabulous spot was way back in 2003 when Yankees (now manger) Aaron Boone hit a walk off home run against the Boston Red Sox to win the American League Championship Series.  It was easily the best night of my young NYC life.   We had been watching the game at nearby Tom and Jerry's for about six hours prior and decided to move our celebration over to Temple Bar.  I'm not sure if the bar was actually closing down for the night or if the bouncer noticed our glassy eyes, hoarse voices and general rowdy drunkenness, but we weren't allowed inside.  No this place required a bit more reserved behavior, a bit more class; neither of which we had at that moment.  

Later that weekend (after recovering from one the worst hangovers of my life) we went back to Temple Bar to celebrate in a much more sober state of mind and I absolutely fell in love with the place.  The long winding bar, the leather banquettes, that salty nut mix; everything about the space was perfect.  Since then its been on my regular rotation of bars in NYC.    So raise a glass to another incredible NYC institution closing before its time and try to stop in before its too late.  Cheers Temple Bar!

Temple Bar
332 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012