Sugar Sweet Sunshine Banana Pudding

The Union Square holiday market has been up and running for weeks now. It’s always fun to walk through the various stalls and look at all of the scarves, jewelry, etc for sale. I go every year and to be honest, I’ve never actually bought anything there. Well except food that is! This year proved to be no different. I walked around all of the stalls and ended up stopping at just one- Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

We hardly ever seem to be in the LES anymore so it’s been years since I’ve enjoyed their delectable cupcakes, cookies and cake. I was so excited to see them here- only blocks away from my apartment! I eyed the cupcakes in front for a while but then decided on something even better.

What could possibly be better than their wonderful cupcakes? Their banana pudding.

Big pieces of juicy ripe bananas and crunchy sweet Nilla wafers and swirled into a creamy delicious vanilla pudding. It is ridiculously simple, ridiculously sweet and ridiculously good.

There’s only a few days left of the holiday market and then these bad boys go back to the LES. Get one before their gone! Oh and maybe pick up some presents while you’re at it.


Anonymous said…
im a chocolate lover, but this tops all deserts! creamy banana pudding with delicious banana bread-heaven!