Weekend Review- Highlight Lure Burger

This weekend was filled with lots of good fun food and drinks so I thought I would write a review. Friday a bunch of us met up at Zum Schneider around 5:30 and snagged a table. I got my usual potato pancakes. They are always so good! Honestly I think they are the best in the city- really crispy. And the salad that it comes with has a really tasty dressing. Unfortunately we enjoyed our time there a little too much with the big German beers and woke up on Saturday not feeling too good.

We basically rested most of the day but decided we would go out for a good dinner. Mr Trekker was still recovering so he wanted only a quiet and relaxed place. I was craving a good burger and have heard that Lure Fish Bar's was good so we decided to go there.

We showed up at 6:00 (we were in Florida last week and are still on that early dinner time it seems). The place only had two other groups eating so it was basically empty which was exactly what we were looking for being still a little beat up from the previous night. The decor itself was like being inside a cruise ship but it a polished sort of way. We got seated at one of the nice big booths and started with some cocktails. I got the Tangerine Dream and he got the Spiked Arnold Palmer. Both were terrific.

We decided to start with the Lobster Croutons and to split the Lobster Roll and Lure Burger as our mains. The Lobster Croutons came and they were basically six stamp sized pieces of toast topped with a lobster salad. They were good but I wouldn't order them again. They were a little too buttery for me and for $14 kind of a weak portion.

Our mains came and we were psyched. I got my burger and it just looked glorious. I looked over at Mr Trekker's lobster roll and was more than impressed. It was overflowing with meat. I was so glad we had decided to share! So the burger itself? Phenomenal. I don't know what they do but this is a seriously good burger. Nice char, perfectly cooked medium rare as I had requested and there was some kind of sauce on it that I couldn't place but it went really well. Not a Shake Shack Mayo sauce but almost more like BBQ. It also came with 2 onion rings which were the sweet red onions. I actually didn't care for them but Mr T loved them.

The real surprise though was the lobster roll. It was up to par with Pearl and Mary's. The bun itself could have done with a little less butter, as the lobster croutons could have, but other than that it was fantastic. Both came with some nice crispy french fries which we honestly didn't eat much of because we were too focused on our mains.

Service was impeccable the entire time. Our water glasses were always filled and our waiter was attentive and friendly. We even ended up getting into a discussion with him about the best burgers in the city! Everyone there was extremely nice without being intrusive. Both of us agreed, some of the best service we've had in the city.

Mr T and I were too full for dessert although they had some that looked wonderful. Overall- a perfect meal. It was exactly what we were looking for. So good we are even thinking about going again for lunch on Friday! For 2 people including 2 bottles of water, 2 cocktails, a beer and a glass of wine it came to $120 plus tip. Not cheap but not overly expensive either. I highly recommend this to anyone.

One weird thing though- by the time we were leaving the place was filling up and we counted 3 different people in there wearing baseball caps at their tables. Isn't that a little odd? Just something we found unusual and thought I would mention.

Anyway we woke up Sunday and wanted bacon and eggs but didn't want to go far so we walked over to Choice Kitchen & Cocktails which is nearby. Our bacon and eggs were good, not great but it did the job. Definitely not a destination place by any means but a good neighborhood standby.
All in all a great food weekend!