An experience in Excellence at Cru

So we had our wedding present dinner for our favorite couple at Cru this past Friday.

The night itself didn't start out exactly perfect. I woke up on Friday morning with a horrible sore throat and cough. Luckily I was able to leave work a little early and come home and take a 2 hour nap before dinner which made me feel about 20 times better. We decided to meet at Olives for drinks to start. Mr Trekker and I arrived to see the crowd was about 3 people deep at the bar. The same was to be said for Candela's bar so we decided to go to the Belmont Lounge as it was right on the same block. When the other couple arrived they informed us that they had to wait a minute to come in because someone was pissing right outside the entrance. That's a lovely start to a special evening I thought!

After a drink there we got a cab over to Cru. We got there right at 8:30 and only had to wait about 2 minutes to be seated. First of all, the space was just beautiful. I just loved how clean and elegant everything seemed. We had a great table away from the center of the room so we were very happy.

Now I'm sorry to say I have no idea what the names of the wines we had were but they were all fantastic. The couple we were with are very into wines so they did all the choosing. The sommelier was very helpful and we started out with an excellent white wine.

They started off by giving us 2 amuses before we even ordered our meal which was nice because we were taking our time deciding what to get. Our waiter was so helpful! Two of us are on the small side so he steered us away from the tasting menu which was very heavy on the rich foods. Thank goodness he did because I was so full at the end with just the 3 courses!

To start the men had the seared toro, my sister-in-law had the scallops and I had the rock shrimp salad. The salad was fantastic. There was a horseradish sauce on top that was amazing! The toro was good- nothing special- but my sister-in-law said the scallops were the best she had ever had.

For our main courses we had the short ribs, lobster and venison. I can't tell you how good all of these were. (It's so nice going to eat with people who like to share!) The venison was so tender is was literally falling apart and not gamey what so ever. The lobster was covered in some sauce that complemented it perfectly and the short ribs came with a sesame sauce. They were very rich but again incredibly tender. I have to say the best short ribs I had before this were at Eleven Madison and these blew those out of the park.

For dessert we got a cheese plate, honey crisp apple beignet, passion fruit cheesecake and I got some sort of pumpkin pudding. I have to say mine was the best! So flavorful--the only thing I thought was weird was that it came with a raspberry sorbet that completely contrasted with the taste of everything else. So I just didn't eat it.

As an extra we decided to order the white truffle ice cream since my boyfriend and I had never had truffles before. He absolutely loved it and I hated it! I guess that not a bad thing- my food tastes are expensive enough as they are! On the ice cream they wrote Congratulations for the newly wedded couple which was such a nice touch!After dinner, we ended up sitting at the bar for a couple of more drinks since we were so happy with the overall experience.

So in the end we all agreed Cru was hands down the best meal any of us had ever had in the city. The service was impeccable, the decor was soothing and lovely, the wines were fantastic and the food was fabulous. If I could eat at Cru every weekend I would probably die at a young age but I would die very happy!