Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Small Tasting Review of Borough Food & Drink

So we attended the neighborhood party opening at Borough last night and it was lots of fun. Free food and drink? It doesn't get much better than that!

First of all the space is much better than it used to be. Everything is wood paneled and they put a pool table in the back which is nice if you just want to chill and have some drinks with friends.

If you don't already know, everything is from New York State including the beverages. They have a lot of great beers on tap from Ommegang to some harder to find beers like Mothers Milk Stout- both of which I love. They were giving out free wine and cocktails as well. I only had the chardonnay which was nice but a lot of people seemed to be enjoying their sweet apple martini.
Okay onto the food.

Unfortunately it got packed as the night went on so we couldn't get everything they were offering but here's some of what we sampled:

Fried pickles- if you like fried pickles you'll enjoy these. Nice and crispy.

Fried chicken- very good- came with a side of NY maple syrup for dipping.

Jerk Chicken- my FAVORITE of the night hands down. Perfectly spiced and juicy.

Cheeseburger- they were giving out slider sizes so I can't be completely objective on how it will taste as a solid burger but the way the juices held together and it was cooked just right makes me think it will be a success. Came with lettuce, tomato and mayo. I really think these could be a hit if they kept them just as sliders.

BBLT sandwich- this was good, nothing special though. I would never order it as I've probably made myself one just as good.

Bacon and Ricotta flat bread- this was alright, a little too oily for my tastes though.

We also had their polish sausage and Cevape with beef sausages- both were awesome. I want to go back and try their sausage plate when they fully open.

They also brought around some desserts- I tried the baklava and ice cream sundae. I found the baklava to be a little to heavy (not like baklava is meant to be a light dessert) but the flakes just weren't flaky enough for me. The sundae hit the spot though.

So all in all I will surely be going back. I really am hoping this place makes it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bar Stuzzichini- mini mini review

Have you ever been to a place where you feel you could just sit and linger at the bar all night and be perfectly content and relaxed? Up till now that spot was reserved for Gramercy Tavern but I have to say Bar Stuzzichini is up there.

Stopped in for a drink on Saturday night around 7:00 and there were only 2 other people in there. I ordered a glass of Italian white wine. They give you a GREAT pour which is always nice. Mr. Trekker was excited because they had Saison dupont on tap.

We didn't order anything to eat because we had a dinner scheduled afterwards but everything about the place made us wish we didn't have to leave. The bar itself is gorgeous and the dining room has beautiful red walls and pretty lights. They played Frank Sinatra the entire time we were there and the staff were warm and friendly. I was really surprised there were so few people there. Hopefully this place will catch on-I would hate to see it go. This is a great addition to the neighborhood and I will be going back soon to try out the food.