Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pastrami at Katz’s

Two Sunday's ago was spent drinking beers and watching football in the East Village.

It was a happy day- none of my teams are in the playoffs so I couldn't get upset at the end and Arizona halted Philadelphia from possibly winning both of sports greatest achievements in one year. so all was good with the world.

After multiple beers we decided it was time for some serious food.

And by serious food I mean Katz’s delicatessen.

Katz’s is a NYC institution known most famously from the orgasm scene in When Harry met Sally.

It is also well known however for its Pastrami sandwich.

Now I have never been a big fan of pastrami.

The first time I ever had it was about 5 years ago at a work function..

One of those crappy midtown lunch kind of places brought in a bunch of sandwiches and I ended up with the pastrami.

It was cold, dry and pretty much tasted like a peppery piece of ham.

I was not impressed.

I’ve had it a few more times since then and the result was usually the same so I kind of gave up on it. The few times I have been to Katz’s before I always got their hot dogs instead.

Well after all of those beers on Sunday I was feeling no pain and decided to give this meat another shot.

We got to Katz’s right as they were closing and I sidled up to the bar and placed my order.

The man behind the counter pulled out some huge chunks of pastrami and shaved me off a slice to eat while I waited.

As soon as I got one look at the meat I knew this was going to be a very different experience.

First of all it was bright red and super fatty- it kind of reminded me of a huge piece of Otoro in a weird kind of way.

I picked up the warm piece of pastrami and as I put it into my mouth I couldn't help but close my eyes in amazement at the strong spicy flavor that seeped out.

It was intense! There was no comparison between this meat and what I had years ago in that sandwich.

This was really unbelievable.

The man behind the counter took turns between various cuts of the pastrami, making sure I got a little of everything and piled it high on top of the rye bread.

When it was finally ready, I grabbed the mammoth sandwich and marveled in wonder as to anyone who could ever finish this whole thing in one sitting! I barely made it through a quarter when I could do no more.

It was simply too much and the smoky taste really started to overwhelm me after a little while.

Luckily it was easy to wrap back up and take home for dinner the next day which is exactly what I did.

So I’m very glad I finally know what REAL Pastrami tastes like. If you’ve been eating that murky brown stuff like I was- STOP!

Do yourself a favor and get on over to Katz’s! Tell them the Tasty Trekker sent you! (Actually don’t do that- they have no idea who I am and may just think you are a raving lunatic)

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Pretty Disappointing Poutine

I was so excited to try out Artisanal's version of Poutine Mr. T and I went there right after work on Friday.

Man it was packed!

We had to wait about 20 minutes but we finally got two seats at the bar.

We ordered a couple of drinks and then waited for the main event- Poutine!!!

I was so excited when it came out! I couldn't wait! And then...sadness.

Their version of Poutine could be great...except it needs some adjustments.

First of all, I was expecting an amazing cheese, since this is Artisanal after all, and this was the biggest flaw.

It tasted like they used unsalted mozzarella.

This had no flavor at all. Poutine is supposed to be a salty dish- therefore the cheese should be salted.

The gravy also lacked flavor. Usually the gravy has a strong beef flavor and is much darker in color.

This gravy was simply to bland.

And lastly, while I loved the way the fries came out in the pan- the portion was quite small for $9.50.

The pan could have held about three times as many fries.

If they are only going to give such a small amount- put in into a smaller pan to serve!

I was so disappointed mostly because the fries were so good!

They were think and perfectly crispy- they have the potential to be the perfect companion for cheese and gravy.

The bartender said they would like feedback since it was a new menu item, but it was so busy that night I didn't want to bother him.

I was so disappointed I went home and wrote Artisanal an email telling them what I feel.

Is that crazy?? I'm so desperate for a good Poutine I felt that I needed to.

We'll see if I hear back. Until then it's Pomme Frites for me.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blue Hill Stone Barns

We finally made it to Blue Hill at Stone Bars last weekend and I have to say it met all of our expectations and then some.  Driving up the winding road to the main barns, I felt my heart start to flutter with excitement. I had no idea how beautiful this place was going to be! It was absolutely freezing and the immense Stone Barns seemed to shine a glorious blue hue against the dark wintery night sky.

We walked through the gorgeous courtyard and into the warm inviting bar area. There was a roaring fire going in the fireplace and I was immediately reminded of going into the ski lodges when I was younger after a run on the slopes. We had spent the weekend with Mr. T’s parents and decided to enjoy a drink at the bar with them before starting our meal. I took a look at the menu and noticed a beer made exclusively for the restaurant. It was called the Collaboration Lager made by Kelso Brewery and Blue Hill. It was actually a Honey Nut Brown Lager that was brewed by Kelso and then infused with honey right from the farm.
Of course I had to try that out.  It looked exactly like other Nut Brown ales with dark golden hues and a small head and had a nice honey after taste that I really enjoyed.

We enjoyed a drink with the parents and then they were off for home. And we were off to enjoy a delightful meal filled with more food than I think I have ever been served in one sitting.  We were seated in the corner with a great table overlooking the entire room.  I borrowed this picture from Mens Vouge to show you how nice it was. (Hopefully I don’t get into trouble)

Once we were seated we ordered a nice Pinot Noir and set to ordering.  There is no menu per se at Blue Hill. They give you a list of ingredients that may be used during the meal and ask you a few questions regarding food allergies and your preferences and then we were off!

We decided to go all out and get the farmers feast which would showcase the best of what Blue Hill had to offer that night. Below is the only picture that I will have for this amazing dinner because the lighting in the restaurant was awful for picture taking and I honestly wanted to enjoy the meal without thinking about pictures. We were started off with a vegetable tray of sorts.

Carrot, Bok Choy and a little head of cauliflower all on sticks.

This turned out to be a true example of what Blue Hill is all about and a precursor to great things to come.  The vegetable were seasoned with only a splash of lemon and that was it. OMG they were so wonderful! Never have I had a carrot that tasted so much like carrot before! Really! The flavor was just intensely strong! It was amazing.

Second Amuse Bouche- Sunchoke and parsley soup- so thick and rich I don't think I could have had more than the tiny shot glass size they gave us.

Bread with Ronnybrook butter.  The Ronnybrook butter was good but then they brought out a tray with the Stone Barns butter and it just blew that away. Creamy, rich and utterly fresh – the butter was out of this world.  It also came with ricotta cheese, arugula salt and carrot salt for putting on the bread. I honestly think Mr. T and I would have been just fine if we could just sit there and eat the bread all night. OMG it was by far the best bread and butter I have ever experienced! Along with the bread came a side of artichoke, blue corn and zucchini chips with a little tray of bologna and capicola.

Next came the item of food I will dream about forever.

An absolutely miniscule burger made from beet, goat cheese and pancetta with a sesame stick. Holy Cats! This was out of this world!!! I wanted to ask for more! I have no idea what they did to make this little beet taste so amazing but it was one of the best things I have ever tasted.

Okay, at this point the food just started to come out like crazy and I don’t have time to talk about all of the dishes but I’ll try to list all of the courses and comment on a few.

Roasted Leeks with apple and mushrooms- leek as it’s own main course- you better believe it!

Sea Bass with winter veggie puree.

Sea Scallop with chopped endive and beet sauce.

Chicken with spinach gnocchi in a spinach sauce.

Fried whole egg with lettuce puree and beluga lentils. The lentils really looked like caviar!

Veal with roasted baby carrots.

By the time the veal came around I was so stuffed I could only manage about two bites. Which is unfortunate because it was so insanely delicious I almost wanted to ask for a doggie bag!

Palate cleanser of blood orange sorbet.

Apple tart with sweet apple sauce.

Mini caramel macaroon to end.

Whew! That was a lot of food!  Now some notes about the dinner. Everything we had was simply wonderful but if I had to say there were any misses it would probably be the desserts.
The apple tart was kind of boring and the blood orange sorbet didn’t really do it for me. However the mini macaroon was simply perfect.Also we found there to be a little too much veggie sauce with each dish. By the time we got to the egg Mr. T said he never wanted to see another green sauce in his life! However- these were very very small misses in a meal of incredible hits.

I marveled at how there seemed to be an endless flow of waiters helping with our every need and never making a mistake. I ordered a Moscato with my dessert and when it poured slightly flat the waiter immediately brought over another bottle and poured a second glass without me even asking. The service was truly top notch. So overall it was incredible.

The farmers feast is really way to much food so next time we would definitely only order the 5 course menu. Blue Hill is truly a special place and I can’t wait to return in the summertime and walk around their lovely grounds.  Everything was so fresh and beautiful it was a little hard to come back to the concrete reality of the city.

Blue Hill Stone Barns

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Few Food Updates

There seems to be a lot going on in the world of food lately and I just thought I would pass along some info.

The next Choice Eats Events has been announced for March 31st at the Lexington Avenue Armory! Right by my apartment! Yay!!

Last year the event was awesome. I showed up early to get door tickets but then left and came back to find a HUGE line. This year I plan to schedule it a little better and have already purchased my tickets.

They are $35 and you can get them here. Choice Eats 2009

Second Man vs. Food is on tonight and he'll be here in NYC! I'm kind of excited since he is supposed to be going to Katz's and I just revisited there on Sunday (Post to follow soon).

Lastly I received an email from the Picholine/Artisanal group yesterday that had a ton of great restaurant deals. The one I am most excited about though is the POUTINE!!

Yes! Apparently Artisanal has started to sell Poutine at their bar and I could not be more psyched! I love poutine and to have it made with some really good fancy cheese will be wonderful. Hopefully I can make it there this weekend.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Restaurant Week Lunch at Eleven Madison

Restaurant Week! Yay!!!!

I love this time of year when I have an excuse to take a half day of work or call in sick just to enjoy a wonderful lunch that I otherwise could not afford.

This year it actually fell on Martin Luther King day so I had the whole day off to enjoy!!

As usual I had forgotten to get reservations the day they went on opentable so I just had to cross my fingers and hope there would be a spot at the bar for lunch at Eleven Madison.

I showed up about 5 minutes to 1:00 and luckily snagged the last table.

I was meeting my friend Maria for lunch who had never been here before so I took a seat facing the bar so she could enjoy beautiful windows overlooking Madison Square Park and the gorgeous dining room.

The snow had just started to fall and the view was particularly stunning that day.

Once she arrived we had a quick discussion regarding the wine list and placed our order.

As usual they started us with a choice of bread, olive baguette or French roll.

I love their olive baguette so I happily chose one of those and got to work with the salt and butter.

Eleven Madison has great creamy rich butter and tasty sea salt for their bread.

Up until 3 days ago I would give it first prize in the state but that goes to Blue Hill Stone Barns now (I'll post about that next).

However the butter and salt are excellent and a great start to the meal.

For my appetizer I decided to go with the Octopus salad with Avocado, Fennel and Satsuma Tangerine.

When this salad came out it looked like a huge mound of mostly fennel and frisee.

However upon closer inspection this salad was PACKED!

There were huge pieces of octopus that seemed to be lightly grilled with just a little lemon juice and olive oil.

The salad was accompanied by big chunks of avocado, avocado cream and various pieces of tangerine (although one tasted like blood orange so maybe that was in there as well?).

The parts alone were very good, but the parts together were fantastic!

The citrus from the tangerine completely changed the flavor of the octopus with creamy avocado.

It was such a different dish depending on what was eaten together.

I found the fennel a tad overpowering but otherwise this was a great appetizer.

The portion was absolutely enormous and I barely got though half of the dish before I had to stop myself and save room for my main course.

Maria got the Poached egg with Wild Mushroom and Parmesan.

The egg looked like it was perfectly poached with some runny middle mixing into the Parmesan foam.

The main course options were honestly a little bit disappointing for me.

The choices were Salmon, Boudin Blanc, Risotto, Chicken and a Pork Tagliatelle.

I am not a big fan of rice or pasta, Boudin Blanc is a little bit much for me and I'm allergic to Salmon.

Therefore by default I had the Chicken.

Luckily everything at Eleven Madison, including the chicken, is beyond the norm.

This is Roasted Organic Chicken with Celery and Black Trumpet mushrooms.

It came with two portions of chicken, one white meat and one dark.

Okay...WHY can’t I make chicken like this!!!

It was so juicy and so moist it was unbelievable.

The skin was buttery and crisp while the potato puree beneath seemed to soak up all of the mushroom foam making a brown smooth beautiful sauce for the poultry.

Maria ordered the Roasted Atlantic Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Iranian Dried Figs.

I didn't try this dish because of my Salmon allergy but she said it was fantastic.

The sweet potato puree with the fish look fabulous and I have to say we were both pretty consumed with our entrees.

We were in quite the discussion but at one point we both stopped to say "Man, this is so good".

For dessert I knew I needed something with chocolate so I went for the Chocolate Mousse with Olive Oil Ice Cream.

The chocolate Mousse was fantastic.

It wasn't overly sweet but quite smooth with a truffle like flavor and black chocolate bottom.

The ice cream really perplexed me and I'm not quite sure it worked with the dish.

It tasted a little more sour- like a Crème Fraiche, which I don't care for but the mousse was excellent.

Maria got the cheesecake which looked beautiful and was a lot lighter than regular cheesecake.

The desserts were good but the savory was definitely the highlight of the meal.

So the weirdest part about Eleven Madison was the service.

I've been there now 5 times and have had nothing short of spectacular service and this time was no different- they just seemed to be confused a lot.

Almost every time my dish was given to Maria and vice versa, there was quite a bit of time between our courses being given and cleared away, and when we were waiting for or check the server came over and put down silverware telling us or desserts would be right out!

We had just eaten our desserts!!

I wish I wasn’t so full- I would have gone for seconds!

So that was a little strange but by no means a damper to the meal.

At the end we were both full of food and happy.

And then such a nice surprise!!

A gift certificate for $28! The price of a regular lunch!

So our lunch was basically free!!!

How awesome is that!

Oh restaurant week- you made me a believer again and it's only the start. I may have to hit up another one in the next two weeks. Offers like this are hard to come by.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A NY State Dinner

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I got together and decided to have a dinner that highlighted some of the best food NY state and NYC in particular had to offer.

We all split up food tasks and the best cook of the group agreed to host (we really just did all of this as a ploy for him to cook for us!)

The problem with our dinner was deciding what to get. NYC has SO much too offer but I think we did a pretty good job over all.

My contribution was a Meat & Cheese platter of sorts from Di Palo's.

Look at this meat. It's beautiful!

Now this dinner actually happened the weekend before Christmas (I'm a little behind) and I had to wait in line for almost 3 hours to get this meat!

Not just in any line either! I was in a "crammed up next to the freezer with a crowd of tourist chattering around me and waving their numbers like someone was going to forget them even though it was on number 9 and they had number 37" kind of line!


But you know what- it was worth it! The guys at DiPalo's are the best- super friendly and the best quality in town.

You can't beat it.

I basically got about four different kinds of Prosciutto: Prosciutto di Parma, Prosciutto di San Daniele, Speck and some kind of seasoned and cooked Prosciutto.

All of it was fantastic with my favorite still being the Prosciutto de Parma with its salty, nutty goodness.

I also really enjoyed the Prosciutto di San Daniele which was very similar to the Parma except it had a slightly tougher texture and sweeter flavor.

I also picked up some fantastic cheese at DiPalo's.

In the bowl is DiPalo's famous house made burrata.

Burrata is basically a round ball of mozzarella cheese that has an inside filled with a softer mozzarella and cream so it's super spreadable.

If you never had this before you are missing out! It's so creamy, rich and utterly delicious I wanted to spread it on everything!

I also got two different kinds of Pecorino- one aged from Italy and one freshly made.

I had never had fresh Pecorino and while it was tasty I much prefer the aged. It has a much stronger and salty flavor that really went fantastic with the cured meat and the little jar of honey I picked up.

With all this cheese and meat we needed some carbs!

Sullivan Street Bakery- man they make some tasty breads!

I can't even remember how many different kinds we had- Pizza bianco, olive stecca, tomato stecca, the Focaccia Florentina stuffed with rosemary and my favorite the Roasted garlic stecca with huge chunks of luscious stinky garlic stuffed inside a buttery bread stick.

Oh my Goodness and we haven't even gotten to our dinner yet!

The main event?

Short ribs, Brussels sprouts, potatoes and celery.

Does that sound good? Thinking where's the New York?

What if I tell you it was Daniel Boulud's Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine with Celery Duo, Momofuku Brussels sprouts and a Potato Puree!!!

This picture doesn't do the meal justice.

The short Rib had been slowly cooking for days and the result was a super tender, fall of the bone but surprisingly not fatty piece of meat that almost melted a bit when you took a bite.

The Brussels sprouts were straight from David Chang's recipe roasted with fish sauce and rice krispies.

Do you understand now why we wanted our friend to host this party??

He went all out!

By the end of the meal we were so full we had to wait almost two whole hours before we could even think about dessert.

Meanwhile we had a wonderful time drinking some wines from Long Island and lots of NY beers such as Brooklyn Black Chocolate stout, Brooklyn Lager and all of the Ommegeng's (Abbey ale, Three Philosophers & Rare Vos)

When dessert time finally did roll around it was a five star end.

A box of some kind of Chinese Almond Brittle from Chinatown and a Peanut Butter Pie straight from Magnolia Bakery.

OMG..again..Magnolia has SO much more to offer than cupcakes!!!

This pie had a creamy peanut butter filling inside a crispy wafer crust, crushed peanuts, Reese's peanut butter cups on top and a surprise layer of Carmel that just blew this dessert out of the park!

I know I gained about 10 pounds from this dinner and it was worth it.

The funniest thing is that we could do it all again with all different foods!

This was truly one of those nights that reminds you why NYC is so great! We have the best food and you can do it all at home!!

So if this recession is getting you down and you really can't afford to go out do this-

Go to the liquor store- get some wine and whip up some delicious food with these recipes. Turn your home into the NYC experience!

Daniel Boulud Short Rib

David Chang Brussel Sprouts

Top Chef

Okay so did anyone else see Top Chef last night? I try not to blog about this show because I don't like to comment on people's personalities- just their food. But after last nights episode I think most people can agree on two things-

Stephan is quite possibly the most conceited person I have ever seen AND Blue Hill Stone Barns looks awesome.

The second thing is the most important because Mr. T and I are FINALLY going there for dinner on Saturday!!

I have been wanting to go since it opened back in 2004 I think.

I tried many, many times and could not get a weekend reservation.

Finally I called exactly at 9:00 two months to the date and scored a reservation for this Saturday. It is crazy how popular they are!

Of course it's going to be one of the coldest days of the year so I don't know how much farm walking we will be doing but I am so excited about the food.

I will definitely report back!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Holy Pork Fat Batman!

This weekend was all about two things- football and pork.  Actually I guess you could add beer in there as well since we seemed to have a lot of that also but the main events were the pork and games.

We met up with some friends and started our night by grabbing some sandwiches at the revered Porchetta.  The tiny little shop on 7th street can barely hold more than 8 people, and it was already filled to capacity, so we decided to just grab some sandwiches to go and find a bar to eat.  We ended up at Arrow where they had a great 2 for 1 special going on which helped us start our night on a good foot.

As soon as we got our beers we tore into the tinfoil and unwrapped one of the most succulent, fat laden sandwich's I have ever tasted.

At first glance this sandwich seemed a little on the small side. Once I had my first bite I realized the intensity and fat in this sandwich was going to be enough to fill me beyond belief.  The pork was so tender there were literally tiny chunks of fat hidden throughout the meat.

Can you see the roll glistening? That is from the fat.  Don't let that gross you out.  OMG it was so good. The pork was seasoned pretty heavily with sage, garlic and fennel but it just seemed to melt into the crusty roll. This had so much flavor it was unbelievable! It may have been one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten.

Every other bite between the juicy pork you would get a crispy bit of skin from the pork crackling that was texturally strange but utterly delicious.  Not exactly heart healthy but pretty fricken awesome! What was almost better than the sandwich though was the side. Crispy cheese potatoes with burnt ends. 

This was awesome!!! The potatoes must have been made with some of the leftover pork fat because there was a definite pork flavor that came straight from the potatoes.  A couple of the burnt ends were almost a little too charred in my bowl but there were enough that were perfect that I can't complain.  For $5 this bowl of potatoes was a delicious value that rocked.
In the end I have to say it could get no better. Awesome pork sandwich, ridiculous potatoes and two for one beers while watching football.


Later that night after many more beers we decided to have even more pork and went for a late night meal at Ippudo where I had the Pork Classic Ramen with extra Pork Belly added in. I am apparently trying to see how much fat my body can handle in one day.  I woke up the next morning and literally had a pork hangover. We had bought the Wii Fit the day before so I decided to try it out and get rid of some of my weekend weight. Unfortunately once I started the Wii fit told me that according to my BMI and health habits my Wii fit age was 43.  It must be broken I thought. Then it asked me if I fall over a lot because my balance is very off.  I think Mr. T is still laughing from that comment.

Anyway the Porchetta sandwich was worth every delicious moment.  It isn't cheap- it's almost $10.00- and it isn't something you should eat more than once a month health wise- but it is soo good. Too bad none of my teams won their football games or it would have been a quite perfect weekend.


Thursday, January 8, 2009


I was so excited when I heard the owners of Bao Noodles were opening up a Banh Mi place only one block away.

I walked by what seemed like a million times to find them still hammering away, not quite open for days!

Then the holidays came along and I kind of forgot about Baoguette until Tuesday when Mr. T and I were heading home and once again faced with the dinner dilemma.

Then we remembered Baoguette.

We ran inside the little store and were very pleased to see quite a larger array of offerings than we had expected.

There was a green papaya salad, shrimp summer rolls, a catfish sandwich and a couple different kinds of Bahn Mi.

Now they had the traditional with Pork, but I decided to try something different and ordered the BBQ Chicken Bahn Mi.

This was a pretty decent sized sandwich for $5.00!

Chicken, Cucumber, pickled daikon (I ended taking out the Cilantro-ewww!) and shredded carrots get stuffed inside a crunchy roll and topped with a generous amount of garlic aoli and sriracha hot sauce.

This was a very good Bahn Mi. Not quite as good as the one I had from Saigon Bakery but pretty close.

Everything tasted very fresh and the bread to filling ratio was spot on.

I had asked for it medium spicy but next time I would probably go for hot since the medium was pretty tame.

Mr. T was feeling like something warm and hearty so he ordered one of the specials that night the Spicy Beef Noodle soup.

Mr. T also ordered it medium spicy as well and at first it tasted very strong. But then after a sip or two it kind of died down and next time he will probably get hot also.

The noodles were cooked just right and there were huge chunks of beef floating around in the nice meaty broth.

They do not skimp on the fillings here either. This soup was about 80% filling and 20% broth. Awesome!!

Total bill $13.00.

We were both so stuffed we didn't even finish. That's a pretty good deal.

And we found out that they deliver!

So on those days were we are sooo lazy we can't even walk to one block we can still get our Bahn Mi fix!

Ahhh...I love NY!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Okay I have really been trying to go off of coffee but life has certainly been making it hard.

Remember my favorite espresso joint of the year?

The one I would travel all the way uptown to 59th street for Fika?

They opened one 5 blocks away from my apartment.

How awesome!! It's my Christmas present!

I swung by the other day and was very happy to see they had all of my favorite pastries, including the wonderfully delicate vanilla dreams and the sweet raspberry tarts.

I got a macchiato and was in heaven.

It’s funny too. I had been in a really bad mood. Just kind of depressed for a while and this place completely lifted my spirits.

The big window store front allowed me to stand and watch the world outside without having to be involved in all of its’ business.

Sometimes I just need a little time away from the world and a good warm treat to make me feel better.

Fika definitely delivered.

Unfortunately I may not be able to quit my coffee habit for a while :(

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Joe Jr.'s

I was checking out Serious Eats the other day and noticed an article about Joe Jr’s!!!

I’d been dying to go back to this diner and somehow never made it.

It was one of the first places Mr. T and I ate when we moved here and we loved it.

It just so happens that same night we had no plans for dinner, so I convinced Mr. T to go back for some good diner food.

Joe Jr’s is a tiny little place that definitely has a neighborhood vibe.

Most of the people in there knew our waiter by name and it just feels like its run by a big family.

I was planning to get some kind of salad but the pictures from that Serious Eats post got the best of me and I decided to order a cheeseburger.

This is one of the greatest things about Joe Jr’s. Within 5 minutes of ordering my food the cheeseburger was sitting in front of me.

This is the kind of service you want at a diner.

The cheeseburger came just like this, open faced with a slice of cheese melted on top of each bun.

The patty wasn’t super thick but an ample size.

Slapped on top of the squishy white bun it was a perfect match.

The patty wasn’t fancy; it had no foie gras or brisket inside. Just simple ground chuck with a perfectly crispy char on the outside and plenty of juicy goodness inside.

The burger came with a small side of coleslaw and a nice crunchy dill pickle of course.

We split an order of fries and although they were a little thicker than I like my spuds they were incredibly crispy.

Joe Jr’s is a great place. Our bill for our meal came to $14.00 which is less than we would have spent on delivery and quicker.

Joe’s is a great neighborhood staple that I’m so glad I got to return too!

Next time we’re coming for their breakfast which looks just as amazing as dinner and just as cheap.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve!

I had a great night out with friends and ended the night drinking some especially good wine and beer (thanks M&J)!

I have to say I'm sad the holidays are over but also a little relived.

It seems like Mr. T and I have been going nonstop for the last 2 weeks.

We ended up sleeping today until 2:00 pm!! That's crazy!

We were out late but still...anyway we got some much needed rest to hopefully start the new year off right!

Here's to lots of good new food and drink in 2009!!